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Atelier Jean Regniers is a sheltered workshop where disadvantaged but very motivated workers work normal working hours for normal salaries, thereby enabling them to foster their personal development through full integration in the civil society.

Created in 1968, by the Belgian National League for Cerebral Palsy (Ligue Nationale Belge d’Aide aux Paralysés Cérébraux founded by Baronness Evelyne Drory van den Eynde ) AJR provides adapted work to all its workers taking their respective skills into account. Our raison d’être lies solely in the will to provide a job to as many disadvantaged people as possible.

AJR has been steadily growing since 1968 and today employs 319 people, thanks to the continuous reinvestment of all our profits in the modernisation of our production tools and in the creation of new jobs.

Our products are of the highest quality, are sold at competitive market prices and are certified. Nothing distinguishes us from our non-social competitors apart from the full reinvestment of our profits in our social goal.

Atelier Jean Regniers ranks among the leading enterprises in Wallonia since more than 40 years.

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